Top LinkedIn Profile Makeover Tips from Recruiters

Top LinkedIn Profile Makeover Tips from Recruiters

Your LinkedIn profile says a heap about you.  Approximately, 93% of recruiters now use LinkedIn to infuse fresh talent for their top-notch clients. Do I need to say more about the impact? Let’s dive into 5 main reasons how your profile can impact the recruiters.

Your LinkedIn Profile Gives Visibility to Recruiters

Having a LinkedIn profile is the best way to grab a lot of attention from recruiters. So, become an attention grabber with your profile. It takes less than six seconds for a recruiter to hook into your profile, so better make them count good enough. Write impressive headlines and summary of your profile. Be concise and accurate at the same time. Add striking one-liners in your job title as give you an opportunity to sell yourself in a digital way. Profile summary must be short and smart enough to get recruiter interests with the apt brief of what you are and your skillsets.  And last but not least, by identifying your value proposition correctly in the profile is the one thing recruiters will love you more as you’ll save them a heck of the time. read more

Choosing a career in Project Management

Choosing a career in Project Management

If you have multiplicity of ideas and a handful of skilled resources, you can materialize your ideas to work. And that’s what project management is all about. To delve into details, risks, cost, and ultimate result and lead the team towards achieving the business goals. It’s an end to end business of taking care of the projects. Any business to run successfully requires proper initiating, planning, executing and monitoring and controlling of the work and all this has to be done in a given time frame. read more

Skills relevance to cope up in a corporate world

Skills required for Corporate World

Working in a corporate is every man’s dream. But if you think that your highest degrees and professional skills will make you go up the ladder in a corporate, think again? Corporates look all hunky dori from the outside, but coping up with the kind of pressure it offers becomes an on-going process. There is cutthroat competition and there is a constant race to reach the top in no time. Where we see employees working and laughing together, they can also turn against each other to climb up the ladder of success. With such level of growing competition, one has to stand out from the crowd. Certain skills are there which could not be obtained earlier from training and any kind of certification programs. It had to be observed naturally. These skills add value to your resume or to your personality as a whole. Many companies these days have pre -screening tests which include personality assessment that gauges the employee’s calibre to cope in a corporate given different and difficult scenarios. read more

Distance MBA & Their Career Options

Distance MBA Courses And Their Career Options

In today’s era, Distance MBA courses are gaining more and more popularity amongst the aspiring students all over the world. This is because MBA courses and programs in different streams have been proven to be very helpful in getting a good job as well as acquiring various skills related to that particular field. Even by pursuing distance learning MBA programs, people are gaining high value in their job placements and career growth opportunities. Here, we are going to discuss about the career options one would get after completing various distance learning MBA programs. Let’s check them out. read more