Why Indian Universities are not making a Place in Top 100 Universities Around The World?


Why Indian Universities are not making a Place in Top 100 Universities Around The World?

Our country, India, has a vast heritage since thousands of years. It has an incredible scholarly history that has given literacy a new level in India. Thousands of Indian minds are hired by various prestigious international organizations and firms every year. And it shows that how much people rely on Indian intelligence worldwide. However, in spite of the glorious history in educational sector, India could not get into the list of top 100 universities of the world. The recently done survey of times says that Indian universities are found nowhere in the 100 most prestigious colleges globally. Times Higher Education conducted this survey and listed the “top 100 most prestigious global universities in the latest” and none of the Indian universities could make it to the rundown.

Experts say that low quality research publications are the foremost reason behind this lag. Furthermore, nowadays Indians students do not get faculties who are good enough to show them the correct way to progress.

The final rankings of this survey revealed that Harvard University stands at the top. The Second position is grabbed by University of Cambridge while University of Oxford stood at the third position.

Why we are lagging behind?

As indicated by specialists, the low quality of exploration distributions and absence of good workforce are the primary purposes behind the awful execution by Indian colleges. Some experts say that Indian colleges are not given the opportunity to be responsive or deal with their own issues productively. Absence of internationalization regarding understudies and workforce, alongside poor industry linkages, has slowed down the pace of work of Indian colleges.

Surveys like Times Higher Education, consider certain factors  for example, the amount of a college’s exploration papers are being referenced by different scholastic, and salary from industry and worldwide coordinated efforts. These are the integral components for a college to rank in this sort of studies.

So, it’s time for our government and for other related authorities to do something about it. Being the country which is known for its varied culture and education, India would not like to lose the race because of these lame reasons. There are challenges ahead, but that’s ok, because every field and every path of victory passes through a road full of thorns!

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