Why Shouldn’t You Consider Age as Criteria in Learning?

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There are many who believe that age limits our learning abilities. In fact, they see age as one of the main criteria in Learning. Well, it’s time to bust some myths about learning and one of the greatest myths about learning indeed is that age can restrict our ability to learn new things, diversify our skillset and expand our horizons. And, if you were to believe experts, you would want to continue the process of your learning until the last day of your life.

There are several reasons that explain why age should never be considered as criteria in learning and they are as listed below:

1. Learning is no more limited to classrooms and universities

In today’s age of technology and internet, learning is no more limited to four walls of a classroom or boundaries of a campus. Those who are keen on learning new things are no longer required to leave their home and look for resources elsewhere.  All the information in the world is readily available and that too, at the click of a button. There is no need for those who are looking at knowledge enrichment to enroll themselves in universities or colleges and meet the age-specific criteria to pursue the degree programs or courses of their interest. They don’t either have to be young to deem fit amongst course participants.

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2. Age is no bar for e-learning

Thanks to the internet and all the rapid advancements being made by the technological world, online learning and distance courses have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. You might already know that there is no need to relocate yourself and be physically present on campus in case you wish to pursue any of the online courses. But, what you might not know or what you might not have considered by now is that there is no age restriction for you to be eligible to apply for these courses. You may opt to pursue them anytime you want to regardless of your age, location or working status.

Leave aside the relatively older people; even students in their 20’s have started considering the option of becoming digital nomads by pursuing e-learning courses and programs. After all, online learning comes at a lot of convenience- less money, more flexibility and abundant career options. Above everything else, the online learning holds exactly the same value and recognition as any other regular on-campus course.

3. Age doesn’t influence academic performance

The research findings demonstrate that age, working memory, psychosocial factors, and even degeneration don’t influence the academic performance of a student. For example, the academic performance of individuals across a substantial age range (50–79 years old) was evaluated and it was expected that older learners will show a relatively poorer performance as compared to young learners. However, the findings suggested that the academic performance had nothing to do with the age factor and they, therefore, remained encouraging for older learners.

They, further, state that aging does not impede achievements in the field of academics. In fact, engagement in cognitively stimulating activities can promote mental health and academic success in older individuals. Therefore, it’s time to rest all your worries and concerns in case it has been bothering you that your age might pose problems in your learning.

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4. It’s all about following your dreams

If it has been one of your dreams to pursue a course or in case you are passionate about learning something new but you couldn’t do it early in life due to any constraints or reasons that doesn’t mean you can’t do it now. There is nothing that should stop you from following your dreams especially when life gives you another chance to do so. And if that happens, your age, out of all the reasons, should be the last thing on this Earth to become a reason for not doing what you have always wanted to.


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