Nature or Nurture: What is Leadership?


What is leadership– Nature or Nurture?

To put it in other words, are leaders born with a natural talent or is it possible to groom them?

Although an academic report by University College London (UCL) suggests that leadership to an extent is hereditary, it is, nevertheless, that simple to deduce inferences from this report.

Some of the obvious questions that may come to your mind after reading the findings of a report are:

Are your leadership skills determined by your genes?

And if you’re not born with natural leadership skills, can you manage to become a leader so as to be able to lead others?

If the experts were to be believed, the truth remains that hereditary factors alone never determine the leadership qualities of an individual. The environmental factors play an equally important role, thereby, making leadership a skill that can be learned and enriched.

Thus, natural traits do help leaders to some extent, but they are not the only thing that leaders are made up of. In reality, those who become successful leaders are the ones who strive hard in developing their leadership skills, at every possible time and during every phase of life. And they are the ones who believe leadership is a practical skill. For them, self-belief is indeed the most important trait.

Since now we have got clarity on the fact that leadership is a skill and it can very well be acquired by individuals, the next important thing to learn is what is an ideal style of leadership?

When talking about different styles of leadership, the foremost thing to know is that leadership doesn’t necessarily have to be loud and authoritative all the time. In reality, different leadership styles work in different situations. Even more, being ordinary might help you more than anything else in certain situations.

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Becoming a Good Leader

In order to become an effective leader and someone who is capable of handling different situations, you may deploy the strategies given below:

  1. It is common for managers to think that they don’t need any formal training or there is no need for them to pursue any skill enrichment course in order to become a good leader. This is, however, far from the truth. Training and experience are vital. And, managers must possess management qualifications if they are serious about becoming a leader of whom people are fond of and by whom they would want to be led by.
  2. Those who are serious about acquiring leadership skills may enroll themselves in online leadership courses in case it is not possible for them to pursue a regular course. E-learning courses are of equal importance as regular courses and in fact, offer a lot of convenience and flexibility besides several other advantages. For those who are interested in acquiring leadership skills, these courses will help you gain an expert understanding of your business and key principles of strong management besides offering you support, training and experience. Having talked about the benefits of pursuing leadership education, it becomes crucial for wannabe leaders to enroll themselves for such courses especially when the research findings suggest that leaders tend to deliver their best performance only when they have a solid understanding of their organization coupled with rich experience of leadership and management. Besides, it gives future leaders a desired amount of confidence and makes them believe that they possess skills that are necessary to become a leader. And as said before, confidence and self-belief are crucial for leaders to survive amidst all the competition that is present in modern world businesses and society.
  1. Another sure shot method of acquiring leadership skills is to learn from one’s own experiences and failures in life. The experiences of colleagues may also be used to acquire a better understanding of how individuals become better leaders.

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Some Final Words

Natural personality might help leaders of tomorrow but it’s certainly not the only thing that counts in the success or failure of a leader. Thumb rule, no can afford to stop learning even the ones who are born with leadership traits. Skill enrichment for them is as crucial as for any other individual and so is the role of books, courses and mentors in their lives.

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