5 Biggest Project Management Trends Shaping 2018

Project Management

Like every other year, 2018 is no different. There are major series of changes taking place in the business world along with some really big project management trends shaping 2018. These trends are as listed below:

1. Wide Demographics and Enhanced Diversity

Many would agree that there was not much workforce diversity found in the project management sector until recent times. The things are, however, changing big time with this sector of business adopting change and showing a great deal of interest in deploying more diverse workforce. This has led to the creation of inclusive and open workplaces that are highly sought after by employees. Thus, the realm of project management is no longer limited to narrow demographics.

2. The Arrival of Millennials

Even though millennials have been a part of the workforce for a long time, the field of Project Management always came as a difficult choice for them considering the nature of the work that is involved. With new developments taking place in a given area of the business workforce, a whole lot of new faces are now considering making a career out of this field considering the abundant career opportunities and a vast amount of job security that is offered.

With a younger workforce joining the Project Management teams, a lot of flexibility can be seen at the workplaces, thereby, leading to a lot of change in the way work used to be done in traditional workspaces.

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3. Enhanced Communication

With Agile development framework being adopted at a very fast pace in this field of work, communication amongst team members has seen a tremendous increase. Even more, the teams have become readily adaptive and the return on investment is higher than ever before. One of the major reasons Agile Development framework is being adopted at a very fast pace is that it better suits the needs of a younger workforce. According to experts in the field, business Agile is no more just a trend but has actually become a new way of doing a business.

The deployment of Agile Development framework also implies the adoptions of more tools, processes and design concepts to make programs more efficient and improve collaboration between developers and operations.

4. Remodeled Project Management Software

The Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT) – these powers have combined to reshape the role of both Project Management and Project Management Software in a manner in which businesses are carried out. They have introduced new data and tools that were not possible before.

Various project management tools like Aurora, Forecast, Rescoper and more are using AI for the automation of a variety of tasks related to project management.

For example:

The use of artificial intelligence and project management has made it possible to automate various project management decisions. The decisions like which task should be assigned to which person can now be easily left to the discretion of machine-based objectivity and a lot more.

It is anticipated that even if small businesses don’t implement any of AI, ML and IoT directly; they will definitely be deploying services or software that tap these technologies in one or more ways.

5. Use of Social Collaboration Tools

The use of social collaboration tools by employees has seen an unprecedented growth in the recent past. The employees are more comfortable using these tools as against formal project management products when it comes to keeping their projects on track.

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6. Projectized World

With the world getting increasingly projectized, there is an upsurge in demand for PMI professional certifications and several other project management courses as they ensure project management professionals are ready to meet the real- world needs of organizations along with the demands of projects and employers across the world. PMI certifications allow individuals to work in virtually any industry and in any location in the world.

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