The Use of EdTech in Keeping the Learners Active and Motivated

Use of EdTech

In today’s time, technology is at the forefront of everything that is being done-from something very small to something that is really big. The use of technology and the impact it creates can very well be seen in our day-to-day lives. Talking about the education industry, the use of technology is pertinent as it makes learning fun, quicker and engaging. Besides, it motivates the people of all age groups to become active learners.

While there are interesting games and apps to keep the younger generation hooked and feel stimulated to learn new things, the availability of networking platforms and variegated interactive projects are found quite engaging for relatively older learners. In a nutshell, the use of technology has provided a perfect supplement to the traditional style of classroom learning.

There are different ways in which the use of Education Technology (EdTech) may be deployed to keep the learners motivated and active:

1. Games and Online Resources

With the active use of EdTech being deployed in educational institutions and every other place, there is no need for learners to sit still at one place and wait for instructors to begin their lectures. The use of apps, online programs and games make it possible for learners to be quite active and engaged in the process of their learning. Consider the examples of online programs and games like Quizlet, Kahoot, Elllo, Wii that have completely revolutionized the system of learning. Furthermore, viewing boards on Pinterest don’t offer interesting resources for learners only but also for teachers.

2. Notepads and iPads

With their features like portability and user-friendliness, iPads and notepads have become one of the most important tools for learning both inside and outside the classrooms. These smart devices have started popping up in classrooms of almost every academic institution across the country as they offer to learn at ease. Their use can be made by students and teachers to look for information and resources for online learning. And, then are plenty of free apps available for use and they encourage learning amongst students of all age groups. Apps like Hopscotch, Duolingo, NASA Visualization Explorer and more have gained a lot of popularity in the world of learning.

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3. Learning Together

The use of technology makes it possible for learners to form groups online and work with their peers on available projects and assignments, thereby, making cross-border learning possible. Peer group learning coupled with the use of technology offers a wide variety of benefits to the learners. There is a better involvement of participants and more the number of participants, more the perspectives brought to the table on a particular topic or subject of discussion. As a result, solutions that are found to given problems are much effective whenever there is a group learning involved in the process of problem-solving.

4. Future Classrooms

With the projectors, notepads, iPads and other audio-visual aids finding their way into the classrooms, the technology has definitely become an integral part of learning and education in today’s world. Even though the traditional classroom learning is being replaced by the modern methods of learning at a fast pace, the future classrooms are expected to see even a bigger change. This is because the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning is being already projected in future classrooms as it is believed that their deployment will enhance the learning experiences of students. In fact, the use of virtual reality has already been tested in some classrooms in the USA. The use of virtual reality makes it possible for students to look and feel the objects in their true form that is eliminating the need of waiting for students to look the objects in their 3D forms.

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Finally, the use of Education Technology makes it possible for learning providers to gain the complete attention of learners and have them completely involved in the process of learning which otherwise is very difficult in today’s tech-driven world.

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