7 Mistakes Managers Make That Causes Good Employees to Quit

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Managers are made to perform the most critical task of leading people within an organization. The question, however, is that how many of them are equipped with the fundamental training of managing the people. Just because the managers lack empathy and a proper attitude towards employees, the organizations fail miserably in retaining their most valued employees. You must already know that employees seldom leave their companies, they leave their bosses.

A thing to know is that the way managers work can actually contribute to employee turnover. This holds true even if the managers possess formal education in the field of their work. What matters at the end of the day is not their education but their interpersonal skills. It is their managerial and relationship skills that can make or break their relationship with the employees.

Let’s learn 7 common mistakes managers make that cause good employees to quit:

1. Maintaining a rigid attitude

By believing in making things difficult for the employees all the time and responding with inflexibility regardless of the situation, the managers don’t allow healthy relationships to flourish in the workplace. What works well in today’s time is the flexibility and easy approachability; and not the rigid mindsets. In order to gain the trust and support of team members, the managers need to learn to prioritize their team and maintain an understanding attitude.

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2. Showing favoritism

One thing that really upsets hard-working and genuine employees is the office politics. When a manager has a list of ‘preferred’ employees ready every time there is a new task or rewarding opportunity, it leads to immense dissatisfaction among employees. The employees feel demotivated and thus, they refuse to engage themselves in the workplace and the result is either their dismal performance or the hunting of a new job.

3. Not concerned about employees’ growth and development

Every employee wants to be exposed to the development opportunities. When the managers are least concerned about the growth and development of their employees and they thrive on getting their work done, the employees are bound to look for career opportunities elsewhere. It is only when the proper arrangements are made for the training and development of employees, their skill development and even for continuing education; they realize that they are being valued and in return, they feel determined to show the highest levels of commitment towards their organizations.

3. Overwork staff

Running understaffed all the time and overworking employees by putting them constantly under stress is one of the top reasons for employee burnout. More than often, managers feel tempted to overwork good employees for a great performance. However, what they fail to realize is that overworking employees can also be counterproductive. While increasing the workload of talented people is not a bad practice as long as it doesn’t cross a threshold level, it must come with a change in title, raise, promotions or better job perks.

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4. Not caring to explain ‘the why’ of things

It’s a common expectation for employees to know why certain decisions are being taken, what is the future course of action or if the things are moving in a right direction.  The managers can’t always get along by giving point-blank instructions and expecting everyone else to follow them.  Even if the managers feel that explaining things won’t make any difference, it’s still important to do it at times to boost the morale of employees.

5. Failure in engaging creativity

When managers are not focussed on improving things in the workplace by challenging their employees to accomplish something big, think creatively and come up with innovative solutions to the problems by pushing themselves out of their comfort zone; they don’t only limit the growth of their employees but also the organizational growth. The result of doing the same things over and again without any change is that talented people start finding them too easy and boring. Thus, they seek opportunities that will help them challenge their abilities.

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6. Not keeping their promises

To be able to establish trust and grow in the eyes of the employees, the least managers can do is uphold their commitment and honor their word. By making false promises or disregarding their commitment, the managers come across as slimy and disrespectful individuals. Good employees would always prefer walking out the door than working with such a manager.

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