How to Create a Positive Impression at the Workplace?


Is it that you want to leave no chance to impress your boss?

And, do you want to build a cordial relation with coworkers?

Yes, you do want to be a shining star in the workplace. You might wonder if it is actually possible. A few behavioral changes and some basic etiquette will go a long way in leaving an indelible mark amongst your fellow workers.

You should create an aura of positivity around you so that people look up to you for help and suggestions. You should be frank, yet reserved. You should be shrewd, yet honest. You should be smart, yet humble. A quick round up of a few time-tested tip-offs will help you build and sustain this aura of magnetism around you.

1. Professionalism

This virtue goes a long way in building a relationship of trust and dependability. You should abide by the company norms and never take deadlines for a toss. Abiding by the deadlines and giving quality output will render that mark of professionalism, which helps the employer and fellow workers trust you and consider you an indispensable part of their team. Wouldn’t this help you build a positive perception and an affirmative rise in your career?

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2. Dress to impress

You have to dress well and in sync with the corporate culture. Your first look speaks volumes about your personality as well as the company because you are the representative of the company and its culture. Never dress casually for a meeting and be neat and immaculate.

3. Behavior towards co-workers

Your attitude, mannerism and the way you treat others make important impression criteria. You should be polite and firm, helpful and make others comfortable. Your act of kindness and gestures of making others feel happy will definitely help in revving up your rankings. The more positivity you garner around you, the better it is for you, especially in times of promotion.

Always address employees by their first name and never go fooling around. Do not endeavor to make fun of someone or cast a remark, howsoever angry or tempted you might be. Be nice to co-workers and you’ll build a positive impression in no time.

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4. Pay attention to get attention

‘Attention begets attention.’

Listen attentively to the fellow workers, attempt a redressal to their problems, be it personal or professional. The more understanding you are, the quicker they’ll be drawn towards you. Never miss the eye contact and keep nodding to show that you are listening single-mindedly. You may even repeat what you understand to show them that you care. Help and guide them genuinely to win their hearts and trust.

5. Confidence

Confidence is the ornament which sheds off the doubts and ambiguity in your personality. If you are confident, you will be ready to conquer the minds and hearts of all those in the organization. Your confidence can act as a shield for many others. Keeping company image in the forefront and given that you are a face representing your organization, confidence is the skill which can help you be the gleaming diva of the organization.

Wear a confident smile and you’ll radiate positivity all around you.

Last words:

You are the in charge of your life. Your behavior and mannerism can create or destroy your impression. You need to make sure that you are your confident self, eager to help others, initiate changes and stay away from negative self-talk. You need to reflect positivity, greet and meet people with zest and enthusiasm. Make your employees/ co-workers endorse their faith and trust in you and you’ll be ready to conquer the moon. Wear that smile and the world will be yours.

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