Use of Six Sigma in HR

Six Sigma in HR

Lean Six Sigma is a proven and powerful strategy for improving effectiveness and efficiency of business processes. The main aim of Six Sigma is to quantify the data into measureable parameters and analyze the results to a very fine degree. The “Lean” in lean Six Sigma is a management methodology that helps in reducing waste and defects in services as well as products. Lean Six Sigma HR solutions have helped many companies and organizations in improving their HR KRA’s.

The application of Lean Six Sigma in HR processes has resulted in reduced time in hiring, lowering turnover rates, fine tuning policy deployment, steeping employee learning curve, optimizing and standardizing compliance and safety issues etc. Enrolling the HR professionals for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification can eventually help the project teams to work in a more coordinated manner.

Let’s have a look at how Six Sigma plays a quintessential role in improving HR processes:

1.    Orientation and New Hire Processes

The Six Sigma allows the HR team to picture the complete new hire orientation program. It helps the HR team to email the desired paperwork to newly recruited employee atleast a weekend before he/she joins. This actually saves the precious time of everyone involved in the hiring drive. All the personal information such as direct deposits etc are made available online which helps the new hire to update it seamlessly without knocking the manager’s door.

2.    HR Compensation Processes

All the processes related to compensations are efficiently handled by Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology by speeding up overtime authorizations. All the benefits to the new hire are made directly through the online portal which certainly reduces the pain of taking signatures every time.

3.    Legal Expectation Processes

The Employee and policy handbooks are expensive to print especially in an organization with good number of employees. A lot of time and money can be saved by printing just a couple of handbooks and retaining them in the main office. At the same time, the soft copies of the handbooks can be made available digitally to all the employees over the employee portal.

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4.    Recognition and Rewards

The Lean Six Sigma processes help in quantification of the processes into measureable parameters.  So the roles and expectations for each designation/process can easily be created. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professionals help in creating an objective system for recognition and rewards.  This certainly boosts the morale as well as performance across the entire organization. It even works for those people whose contributions aren’t recognized.

5.    Recruitment Processes

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified professionals help in designing a single job description template for all the job related needs in an organization. The HR manager just needs to plug in the job details and this will of great help for the recruitment team in sourcing the right talent.

Key Takeaways

Potential Lean Six Sigma contributions in HR include:

  1. It ensures that all the team members and leaders are trained in teamwork, communications, conflict management and other team effectiveness skills.
  2. The Lean Six sigma methodology equips the project team with advanced tools which will help them to monitor their own performance and identify when and where the help is required.
  3. By completing Lean Six Sigma courses, HR mangers can efficiently assign the roles and responsibilities to the right people.
  4. A Lean Six Sigma green Belt professional helps to build a competency model which in turn helps the HR manager and team to have a perfect blend of leadership and technical skills.
  5. It helps in creating speedy job descriptions which facilitate the candidate in fully understanding the expectations of the employer and his/her position prior to joining.

The lean Six Sigma processes rally round the HR teams in streamlining the processes which are used on day-to-day basis and are found to be time consuming.

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