Reaching Consumers with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when businesses wanting to advertise their products or services had to look for advertisement slots in televisions or newspapers. In changing times, digital marketing has gained edge over traditional methods of advertisement and marketing. Today, it has become imperative for businesses of all kinds- small or big to maintain their digital presence. In order to reach to potential audience, every business needs a distinctive presence on the internet these days. As a result, the need for Digital Marketing arises in order to carry out brand awareness campaigns, generate leads and increase their sales. read more

The 7 Ps of Marketing

7 Ps of Marketing

The 7 Ps of marketing refer to a set of recognized marketing tactics that can be used for the evaluation and re-evaluation of activities carried out by a business with the end objective of satisfying the customers. Depending on the external and internal marketing environment of a business, the 7 P’s can be controlled and combined in different ways to develop a ‘marketing mix’ formula that yields effective results in satisfying the customers and increasing the sales of a business. read more

How Effectual Marketing Management Guarantees Success?

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Many of you would agree that marketing management is a multifaceted concept. It deals with several areas of marketing and is concerned with choosing the target market carefully along and satisfying the needs of customers. All this is made possible by drafting a strategy for promoting and distributing the products and services offered by a business in an effective and planned manner. read more

Government universities Offering Distance Education.

distance education

Government universities Offering Distance Education.

Annamalai University started dealing in Distance education in the year 1979, and holds the recognition by the University Grants Commission. It offers around 500 courses through distance mode and gets maximum number of admissions in the country. It has a very strong and sound base of infrastructure, human resources in teaching and non-teaching areas and the instructional set up in academics and computer related areas. This university was the first to start the post graduate degree programs in India, in Applied Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Bioinformatics and Law through Distance Education mode. Besides the pure academic courses, the university has also a large share in terms of vocational and professional programs. The most important feature of ANNAMALAI University is the ‘A’ grade award by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). read more

10 Marketing Strategies Required in Business


10 Marketing Strategies Required in Business

Marketing plays a critical part in any business, however, it is very conceivable to do it without spending a considerable measure of money. The best possible marketing techniques help in expanding brand awareness, driving more activity to your site, and expanding your customer base. Having the best and most imaginative product is not enough to direct individuals to your site. It takes a properly organized procedure to satisfactorily propel your administrations. Organizations need to watch out for the prerequisites and goals of their customers, a gathering that is different and separated. To stay active, you ought to be noticeable in the lot, and that is no simple achievement. Here are a few techniques that work adequately in marketing of your business. read more