Six Sigma and Lean: Top Secrets for Success

Six Sigma and lean

The secrets held by Lean and Six Sigma are broad as well as far-reaching and deeply impactful. The Lean Six Sigma strategies connect the customer values with the organizational goals and help in linking them with the process based flows through motivated and trained employees.  This article orients the reader in exploring the secrets of success with Lean and Six Sigma. read more

Use of Six Sigma in HR

Six Sigma in HR

Lean Six Sigma is a proven and powerful strategy for improving effectiveness and efficiency of business processes. The main aim of Six Sigma is to quantify the data into measureable parameters and analyze the results to a very fine degree. The “Lean” in lean Six Sigma is a management methodology that helps in reducing waste and defects in services as well as products. Lean Six Sigma HR solutions have helped many companies and organizations in improving their HR KRA’s. read more

Lean Six Sigma in Supply Chain and Logistics

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma helps in improving your production process by streamlining the workflow and eliminating all types of extra costs and wastage. The Six Sigma is indeed a powerful tool which aids in continuous process improvement by reducing the process variance and purging the errors.

Why is Six Sigma needed in Supply Chain and Logistics?

An ideal organization should possess agility and responsiveness towards the changing needs of the customers.  The first step for a perfect supply chain management is to acknowledge the adaptability towards the changing market trends and attuning as per the customer’s needs. read more

5 Questions Every Six Sigma Aspirant Should Ask

six sigma

Nowadays, a large number of aspirants are interested in attending the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification programme to pursue a bright career in the field of Quality Management. Lean Six Sigma has gained huge popularity amongst the students after the Six Sigma procedures are accepted across the world to ensure high-quality management at multiple stages in many organizations. read more

Learning to Successfully Implement a Quality Management System

Quality management system

In an increasingly competitive market environment, customers rely on those organizations which understand their real needs and meet their expectations with premium quality products or services. Quality is the key to business success; it promotes customer satisfaction and positively influences business revenues. Maybe that’s why a large number of companies are putting their efforts in the implementation of Quality Management System (QMS) with an aim to continuously improve the quality of their goods and services. Sadly, there are companies who are at a dramatic risk of failure because they’re compromising the customer experience by continuing with their existing quality management strategy and processes. Such blunder mistakes put these companies on the edge of losing market share which eventually results in damaging both revenue and reputation. read more

5 Common Career Mistakes and What You Can Learn From Them

Career Mistakes

To be honest, I’m still making so many blunder career mistakes. And I’m pretty sure you’ve also made your thousands on your career path. Lots of them probably. It’s always okay to do mistakes and learn by falling over. Nobody has the perfect roadmap drawn out there on the roads of career planning; we all have bruised with own struggles in the past and courageously moved on with great lessons. read more

Scope and Future of Data Analytics in India

Data Analytics

The Big Data Analytics sector as we see it today is poised for a great career scope in India in the next coming 20 years and it may witness an exponential growth in the frontier of IT industry.

In a study published by Accenture, it has been revealed that 79% of enterprise executives say that companies who don’t embrace Big Data are at major risk to lose market strength and may face extinction. read more

How to Create a Positive Impression at the Workplace?


Is it that you want to leave no chance to impress your boss?

And, do you want to build a cordial relation with coworkers?

Yes, you do want to be a shining star in the workplace. You might wonder if it is actually possible. A few behavioral changes and some basic etiquette will go a long way in leaving an indelible mark amongst your fellow workers. read more

Reaching Consumers with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when businesses wanting to advertise their products or services had to look for advertisement slots in televisions or newspapers. In changing times, digital marketing has gained edge over traditional methods of advertisement and marketing. Today, it has become imperative for businesses of all kinds- small or big to maintain their digital presence. In order to reach to potential audience, every business needs a distinctive presence on the internet these days. As a result, the need for Digital Marketing arises in order to carry out brand awareness campaigns, generate leads and increase their sales. read more

7 Mistakes Managers Make That Causes Good Employees to Quit

Managers, Mistakes, Employees

Managers are made to perform the most critical task of leading people within an organization. The question, however, is that how many of them are equipped with the fundamental training of managing the people. Just because the managers lack empathy and a proper attitude towards employees, the organizations fail miserably in retaining their most valued employees. You must already know that employees seldom leave their companies, they leave their bosses. read more