Benefits of Distance Learning for Freshers and Professionals

Benefits Distance Learning

While Distance Learning doesn’t make it possible for you to enjoy the student life and conviviality of being on a campus, it certainly allows you to continue your learning around your professional and family life. Besides making it possible for you to fit your learning around everything else, there is a lot more to Distance Learning and the benefits offered by it for freshers and professionals. read more

FAQ: Deciding on the Most Affordable High-Quality Distance Learning Degree

Distance learning

Distance learning degrees offer a variety of benefits. Besides saving a lot of time, the distance learning programs offer a cheaper option for higher education. They also make it possible for students located in the far-off regions to pursue the course of their interest and thus, advance in their careers. read more

List of U.S. Universities Offering Top Distance Education

Distance Education

There are many students who are interested in pursuing online education programs in order to enhance their knowledge and expand their skill-set. Distance education programs offer a flexible way to study and the prestige of top-ranked universities, both at the same time.

The distance education programs offered by the U.S. universities are highly sought after by students all over the world as the cutting-edge distance learning methodologies deployed by the U.S. universities make it easier for the course participants to advance in their careers. read more

The Scope of Pursuing MBA after Engineering

MBA, Scope of MBA

More than a million students graduate every year from the country’s engineering colleges with qualifications like B.E. and B.Tech., with each one of them facing a dilemma over whether to pursue MBA after Engineering or not.

While there are students who wish to advance in the field of Engineering or work as an engineer, there are plenty of others who consider doing MBA thinking that it will boost their career. This is majorly due to cut-throat competition, for almost everything, in today’s time. As a result, one professional degree doesn’t suffice at all. Having said that, MBA, therefore, acts as a motivation for students to attain career stability and earn hefty pay packages. read more

How Effectual Marketing Management Guarantees Success?

marketing management, marketing strategies, success

Many of you would agree that marketing management is a multifaceted concept. It deals with several areas of marketing and is concerned with choosing the target market carefully along and satisfying the needs of customers. All this is made possible by drafting a strategy for promoting and distributing the products and services offered by a business in an effective and planned manner. read more

Govt Urges UGC to Relax Norms for Distance Education

distance education

After the announcement made by University Grants Commission (UGC) regarding the minimum CGPA requirement of 3.26 on a scale of 4 to run distance education and online courses, the universities offering distance education courses are in a fix.

Affected by the move made by the UGC, several universities approached the Higher Education Department asking for the relaxation of norms. Considering the plight of affected universities, the Higher Education Department has urged UGC to relax norms so as to make it possible for state universities to run distance education and online courses. It also directed the affected seven universities to make separate representations to UGC as well. read more

Why Indian Universities are not making a Place in Top 100 Universities Around The World?


Why Indian Universities are not making a Place in Top 100 Universities Around The World?

Our country, India, has a vast heritage since thousands of years. It has an incredible scholarly history that has given literacy a new level in India. Thousands of Indian minds are hired by various prestigious international organizations and firms every year. And it shows that how much people rely on Indian intelligence worldwide. However, in spite of the glorious history in educational sector, India could not get into the list of top 100 universities of the world. The recently done survey of times says that Indian universities are found nowhere in the 100 most prestigious colleges globally. Times Higher Education conducted this survey and listed the “top 100 most prestigious global universities in the latest” and none of the Indian universities could make it to the rundown. read more

The Future of Distance Learning in India

Distance Learning

The Future of Distance Learning in India

Distance learning these days, is a feasible option for individuals from all walks of life who at some or the other point in their life desire to get an education. In this digital age, where the entire ecosystem is on the internet with the advancement of technology the benefits enter in every industry. Education through distance mode has always been popular for those who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills timely. read more

Humanity And Education in Today’s Era.


Humanity And Education in Today’s Era.

We are in the assurance that the loss of current world is education and the person who educates people because of the insufficiency in the training routines or the strategies that are not reacting to the needs of the age. The current period is brimming with discussions one of the greatest is related with training. While Southeast side of the equator falls back to the essential instruction techniques and frameworks, the other side of the equator faces another disadvantage of leaving from all inclusive qualities with the battle of reacting the needs of present day time. All these current issues are thinking from erroneously translating the needs of century. read more

Government universities Offering Distance Education.

distance education

Government universities Offering Distance Education.

Annamalai University started dealing in Distance education in the year 1979, and holds the recognition by the University Grants Commission. It offers around 500 courses through distance mode and gets maximum number of admissions in the country. It has a very strong and sound base of infrastructure, human resources in teaching and non-teaching areas and the instructional set up in academics and computer related areas. This university was the first to start the post graduate degree programs in India, in Applied Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Bioinformatics and Law through Distance Education mode. Besides the pure academic courses, the university has also a large share in terms of vocational and professional programs. The most important feature of ANNAMALAI University is the ‘A’ grade award by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). read more