The Use of EdTech in Keeping the Learners Active and Motivated

Use of EdTech

In today’s time, technology is at the forefront of everything that is being done-from something very small to something that is really big. The use of technology and the impact it creates can very well be seen in our day-to-day lives. Talking about the education industry, the use of technology is pertinent as it makes learning fun, quicker and engaging. Besides, it motivates the people of all age groups to become active learners. read more

Why Shouldn’t You Consider Age as Criteria in Learning?

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There are many who believe that age limits our learning abilities. In fact, they see age as one of the main criteria in Learning. Well, it’s time to bust some myths about learning and one of the greatest myths about learning indeed is that age can restrict our ability to learn new things, diversify our skillset and expand our horizons. And, if you were to believe experts, you would want to continue the process of your learning until the last day of your life. read more

Practical Versus Theoretical knowledge in Management

Practical Versus Theoretical knowledge in Management

Knowledge and experience goes hand in hand. Likewise theory and practical goes hand in hand. The only difference is theory starts from basics, while practical is the continuation of theory and beyond. But any career big or small starts with theoretical knowledge first, only if we have a strong grip on the base, we would be able to excel in practical. Having said that, even the most intelligent person, sometimes can’t completely depend on practical and at some point when they are stuck; they need to check back what they have learnt in theory. At the same time, the theoretical knowledge helps in exploring new techniques practically. To put it in simple terms, both are important in real life. read more